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Kekam/Kekkam -
to look  (Mi'kmaq)

Looking at Access & Privacy

Let me do the looking, with a legislative lens focused on information access and the protection of personal information. My services include: 

  • privacy policy and procedure development,

  • privacy breach investigation and remediation,

  • freedom of information (FOI) request processing,

  • privacy impact assessment (PIA) development,

  • privacy training, and

  • information management. 

I have specialized in the information access and privacy field for 8 years and am a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. I began with the provincial government but am now the newest edition to the Hooper Access and Privacy Consulting Ltd. team (August 2022).

Intuitive Consulting

I have been reading since 2008. My services include:

  • Tarot

  • iChing

  • Runes

  • Tea Leaves/Coffee Stains

Meg in office.png

my name is Megan

Direct                          236-464-1105

HAPC email     

Kekam email    

Personal email 

Location                     in Greater Victoria

Hours                         by appointment 

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